Japan Sencha Bio 100 g

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Japan Sencha Bio. Grüner Tee mit flachem , langem Blatt. Helle grüngelbe Tasse mit angenehm herbem Geschmack. Gehaltreich und anregend.

Zubereitung: ca. 11 bis 12 g pro 1 Liter Wasser, empfohlene Wassertemperatur ca. 60 bis 70 °C

Zutaten: grüner Tee aus Japan.

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Frage zum Produkt


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My Favorite Tea Marius T., 09.07.2012

Out of the three teas I ordered of this website, this is my absolute favorite. The aroma is sweet and slightly fruity, especially the aroma from the remaining leaves in the pot after the first brew; I will have to experiment with my brewing to get even more of this fantastic aroma infused into the tea-water.

The tea gives a very tasty cup; together with the lovely aroma described above, the taste is rich, full bodied with very little bitterness. The aftertaste gives the most pleasant taste as the aroma lingers and develops in your mouth and nose.

I would recommend Japan Sencha Bio to anyone who wants to try green tea. Im definitely thinking about buying another 250g before the sale ends. As a final tip I would recommend you to use plenty of tea leaves when brewing, no more than 60 - 120 seconds of infusing time with tea water not higher than 70 - 80°C. This gives the tea lots of aroma and little bitterness.

Ive only been drinking green tea for about 2 weeks, so my experience is very limited. Please take this into account when reading this evaluation. I take care to follow the brewing instructions accurately and I recommend you do the same.

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